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The first limited-edition of our worry-free & delicious coffee will soon be available!

Life is too short to drink bad coffee so we make sure that IXMUCAFE offers really great coffee:

  • All our coffee is 100% Arabica and strictly hard bean (SHB)

  • All our coffee is single-origin

  • All our coffee is 100% traceable
    (to the farmer or cooperative)

  • All our coffee is handpicked to select the best beans

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We only provide you with coffee of a very high quality 

At least 82 points according to the Specialty Coffee Association


We donate all of our profits to Niños de Guatemala 

Niños de Guatemala provides education to 500 children in Guatemala


We know our farmers and we pay them a very fair price 

At least 40% more than the fair trade price for organic arabica coffee

That's why                       is worry-free coffee




Our first farmer - Maritza Martinez - runs a family business in Jalapa, an upcoming coffee-region in the south of Guatemala. 

Besides making a great coffee, Maritza is dedicated to help her people. She invests a part of her profit in improving the living conditions of her female workers. That's why she calls her finca Chica Bean.

The finca of Maritza produces high quality coffee (SCA>83), also due to its altitude of 1.500m. Her coffee is fruity and a bit sweet with tones of caramel and orange, but with a strong body!

With every bag of IXMUCAFE you will receive a complimentary
worry-doll to take your personal worries away

Once upon a time, there was a Mayan princess whose name was Ixmucane. She had a special gift and could solve any problem a human could worry about.

With the magical powers of IXMUCANE in mind, Guatemalan families started to use fabrics and little twigs to make colorful dolls. They began to tell the dolls their problems, placing them under their pillows at night, and discovered that the next day most of their worries had disappeared!

From that day on, worry dolls have been sleeping under many pillows 
and taken away countless worries.

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Providing education to children in Guatemala, 

one cup at a time


& Niños de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala (NdG) provides education to over 500 children from impoverished Guatemalan families through two elementary schools and one secondary school enabling them to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty.

Check out the Niños de Guatemala website to learn more about NdG! 

donates all profits to 


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